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September 26, 2011
our baptism!!! janimy lopez lopez

all the letters i've been writing... yeah i started beginning of the month and just barely sent them! oh there are some that belong to hna pelaez! haha we want them to arrive so we made sure to put pictures on them!
October 3, 2011
This past wed we went to reu and that is a 50 min bus ride and oh man they stuff people into these buses. they take a school bus and put three people in a two person seat and try to fit more haha i love it but while we were almost there the bus ran out of gas half way up a hill... yeah a little scary but i just thought the Lord is watching over me, and after the bus driver ran and got
some gas we were back in business! once we got there we went to the chapel and we had a zone conference. it was great! it helped me a lot and made me rethink my mission and myself. i am so happy to have those moments when you see how you need to change and what can help you, i think what always helps us realize Christ and His example. but it was a good day for me and my
companion, becuase we talked about the zone conference after and thought of how we could improve our companaionship.
on friday we visited janimy she was the one that got baptized and its so amazing the seeing the difference in her countance... she really does seem more at peace and happier. that day we were soaking wet and she came in with towels and her scriptures and hymn book, i was so happy to see her carrying her scriptures and hymnal becauase before we visited her we would always ask her where it was and she had to go look for it, she just seemed more prepared to hear what we were going to teach her. i love it, i love seeing how the gospel can change people's lives.

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