Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Letter from the Field

Monday, September 5th, 2011
on wed we meet our fellow missionaries and my new campanion!!!! i love her!!! she is amazing! oh and her name is hermana Peleaz! she is from utah and is half dominican, and she is my height!!! that was the highlight for me!! hahah but she is way good at speaking spanish. i hope i can speak as well as her someday. we are in the coatepeque area and is about an hour from REU. we got to our home and it is pretty simple, it is a three bedroom and to the people here if you have three rooms a cement floor and not a tin roof that means you have money.. our area is new, my comp just opened it up the last change so we have been doing a lot of tracking these past few days. yeah i've been doing lots of walking here!
oh so when we got to the house we went straight to planning and then out to teach. yeah the first few days were a blur! so much spanish! i can understand a lot but when it comes to speaking yeah... a little hard... it was not until last night when we were teaching our investigator about the restoration that i bore my testimony and taught a principle. On a funny note, one of the new members that was baptized a few weeks ago has a nephew and he was making fun of me because he thought i was a mute, he had me say the closing prayer so he could hear me speak. when i did he was laughing so hard. so yeah i'm not going to lie it's hard! but after last nights lesson it made me realize that i need to trust in the Lord more... i need to remember that He was the one that called me here and He knows i can do it.
okay about my area, it's in a city and yeah its amazing! i love it here! it rains all the time at 2pm or three and sometimes it's way heavy rain. yesterday was! i hung my dress and tons of water came off!!! i wished i had more waterproof things too.... but i honestly love it! the food is so good! lunch we have a cook that we pay for and she cooks lunches for us, so we only cook for breakfast and dinner. the houses are really intresting, too. so like a mentioned before if you have a floor and not a tin roof then you have some money. we visited a member and she had a dirt floor and sheets of tin roof for her house. that is very common here. the people do not have cars. if they do then they are really really rich. so they have a bus system which is someone taking a van, actually like a mini vanish thing but taking off the doors and everyone crams into it! no joke!
they have ppl hanging out the doors and smushed inside, its great! it cost about 1 and half Q so about one eighth of a dollar to ride in them. one dollar equals 8 Q. oh and i forgot to tell you they do not have hot water here!!!! yes every morning is cold showers!!!! that is one thing i am not going to get use to! they also do not drink the water here so we have to have purfied water for
eveything! also we have to wash our clothes by hand!!! its great!!! i love it! now i feel more legit.
similar things here: they point with their lips like back home and go "shhhh" to get your attention! its great! haha
i'm eating a platno with beans and cheese stuffed in it!
it was so good! i loved it.


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  2. Shelby were SOOOO PROUD of you and all your doing <3 <3 LOVE ALL THE PICS. =) WE LOVE YOU <3 <3 With Love Always The Thomas Family
    Kendall,Kristy,Johnny,Ej and Kayleena <3 <3 HUGS