Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bueno este semana fue maravillosa!!!!!

bueno este semana fue maravillosa!!!!! hahah sorry i have to switch to english:) so lets see where to begin... it has been a crazy week, i have never been so tired in my life... i have been running on no energy.. monday we found out that we had a meeting for all the sisters in the mission for two days. so we had to call all of our appointments and cancel or reschedule them. it was a little hectic and we all wished that we didn´t have this conference because it interupted with our work but i learned a valuable lesson. we all have our schudeules and we do not want to drop them but when we drop them for an opportunity to hear messages from our leaders we are strengthened and the Lord blesses us to make up for the time.this conference was amazing. we heard from the president and his wife and i got to know the sisters better, you know me, i love making new friends and playing with them!!! hahah we had a great time and we all left uplifted and ready for more work. but also really tired because the two days we went to bed late and woke up early. the whole week and today i have been so tired i feel like i can never catch up on my sleep, 8 hours is not enough. this week we had a lot of teaching and found a lot of new people to teach. so i am excited for a new month to try set goals and acheive them. this month our mission almost accomplished our goal for baptisms..... we were short 8 people..... it was sad because 3 of our possiblities fell but it was for reasons that we needed to work on. but brandon and luiz arturio were baptized!!!! i was so excited... especially about brandon because he is 17 years old and we had a really amazing spiritual experience with him. he is aiming for a mission and so now we are going to work with him for that. but on sunday i almost cried when i saw him becasue he had a white shirt and tie.... i was thinking wow he looks like a missionary already. just one more year and he can go.... but he has a primo preparing for a mission right now so that is helping. but he just is a great kid and i really hope his life works out good. then fam rodriguiz we visited friday and it has been a week since we have seen them. we let our district leader lead the lesson and it was just what they needed. freddie was so much happier and he had a change of heart. but we just needed to be patient with them and let them take their time with the book of moromon. but they said that they missed us so much and they missed seeing us. so that is a good sign. i am so thankful to be here and to be having these moments and times of growth. to be here and learning more about myself and most importantly about Heavenly Father. to learn of His love for me and for my brothers and sisters here in guatemala.

Monday, March 19, 2012


so this week.... hmm... lots of learning and working. this week was a little tough. almost all of our citas fell and we were left looking for people to visit and to teach. but at the end of the day we were suprised to see how many lessons we had. the good news was that we had 6 investigators in chruch and 3 are being baptized this saturday! we are so excited, also they are all preisthood holders! our familias that we are teaching have been a little tough for us. the lesson with fam rodriguz was a simple and short one. we feel like the son kevin is ready but a little weary of his father. but we taught the importance of prophets and freddie seemed to like it. we also had an activity with the ward for married couples. we got the movie fireproof and they watched it, and we had dinner for them too. all the couples loved it and want another one. we have lots of activities planned for this week and i am pretty excited about that. i am really loving it here and am so thankful for the people we meet each day. i am thankful for the opportunity to have all of these wonderful experiences to grow from. i am so thankful that i have the gospel in my life, and each day feel the importance of it in my life.

Monday, March 12, 2012

awesome week!

have you ever had a moment in your life where you your just so happy that you do not have words to describe just a prayer in your heart?.... well i feel like that a lot here in guate. i really am enjoying it here. last night was so beautiful.... there are so many trees here and its so beautiful it helps me remember how much Heavenly Father loves us, He made this earth for us and we are able at to look at it to be reminded how much he loves us. yesterday i really needed this. yesterday was a day filled with so many emotions. i think i experience all of them... our investigator brandon accepted baptism. it was so exciting and such a powerful experience. we read the introduction with him, and after we were done we asked him if he belived that Heavenly Father could answer prayers and he said yes. then we prayed afterwards and when we finished we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. he is 16 years old and i can see him serving a mission someday, he is a good kid and has such a good heart.

then afterwards we taught a familia rodriguiz.... this is where the heartache came.... my companion and i almost cried during this lesson but not tears of joy tears of sadness. this family is so amazing i love teaching them and really want to help them accept the gospel. but the dad freddie just does not believe in the book of mormon. last night he was a little augmentative and it was a little tough to teach the lesson. we tried to teach and talk with his children about what they felt when they read, and they accept it and feel the spirit. but freddie reasons that they do not know because they are young and have not read the bible. we did not want to disagree and just bore our testimonies and left... it was hard because i know that he is looking for the true gospel and this is it... he is just thinking, not feeling. i know that when he reads the book of mormon he will come to feel that it is true too. the things he says when we talk to him gives me hope. yes it was a hard lesson but i do not want to give up hope yet. so my companion and i were a little down last night....

but this week was so much fun. i really am enjoying living with 4 hermanas. it is so much fun, it's like living in dorms. also with four hermanas in the ward our ward has been getting more investigators and minus activios. it is great. it's fun talking to the other hermanas about thier investigators and see how it is going for them in their area. also i love the other hermanas in my district. i am always laughing with them and helping them with english. i feel at times like a mom for them all, and vise versa when i need help with spanish. it is so great... i think on how much i am growing here and how much my heart has grown for the people.

Monday, March 5, 2012


okay so this week was mango week....this is the season for mongos here and i feel like i am in the garden of eden at times. lol. when i am hungry i just look around on the ground by a mango tree and find one that is good and just eat it. also people give us mangos when we teach them. the people here are so amazing. they are so kind. they are always willing to give us things like food when they themselves do not have much to give. also when they do not want the gospel they are still really nice to us. but back to the mangos. i am an expert now with eating them and they are so good here! i never liked them before because they are kinda stringy but it makes me keep up with my flossing hahah.

its so pretty here. saturday we explored more of guitarra and it is so beautiful... i really do enjoy it here in guatemala. it is the land of eternal spring. but i am dying of heat.... it gets so hot in the daytime and it is supposed to get worse... AH!!! hahha its okay i prayed for an area that didn´t have snow and i got it! also a place where i would learn spanish!!!

but this week... hum...oh my trio got split up... hermana gonzalez is going to las palmas with hermana serria and i am really sad about that. i cannot imagine going back to just two... but she is going home on the 28th of march, and i wanna see her off. but that was my sad news for the week. also the other news is that we are teaching families right now and i feel so blessed because they are really postive especially fam rodriguiz... i am so excited about them, i learn so much from them every time we teach them. then fam rossotto: his wife accepted baptism. the only problem is getting them to attend church... but they are reading the book of mormon together. we are excited about that. also this week we had a movie night in the guitarra... it was of the restoration. it was good. i think by the time i get home i'll have that video memorized. i love watching it because it helps me remember the life of joesph smith and how the Lord chooses prophets for us.

ps... ormigas... ants are everywhere and they attacked my feet last night... ormigas..... err...

this is a picture of the sunsets here taken from our front door

mangos!!!!! haha the small one we found while walking and the big one a guy gave to us while we were contacting him. he didn't accept our message but we got mangos hahah

this a picture, this are really common here.

this was the new area in guitarra!

there was a fire sunday and it was a block from our street. it was crazy.. so many people were running to see what was going on. it was kinda scary.