Monday, March 19, 2012


so this week.... hmm... lots of learning and working. this week was a little tough. almost all of our citas fell and we were left looking for people to visit and to teach. but at the end of the day we were suprised to see how many lessons we had. the good news was that we had 6 investigators in chruch and 3 are being baptized this saturday! we are so excited, also they are all preisthood holders! our familias that we are teaching have been a little tough for us. the lesson with fam rodriguz was a simple and short one. we feel like the son kevin is ready but a little weary of his father. but we taught the importance of prophets and freddie seemed to like it. we also had an activity with the ward for married couples. we got the movie fireproof and they watched it, and we had dinner for them too. all the couples loved it and want another one. we have lots of activities planned for this week and i am pretty excited about that. i am really loving it here and am so thankful for the people we meet each day. i am thankful for the opportunity to have all of these wonderful experiences to grow from. i am so thankful that i have the gospel in my life, and each day feel the importance of it in my life.

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