Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bueno este semana fue maravillosa!!!!!

bueno este semana fue maravillosa!!!!! hahah sorry i have to switch to english:) so lets see where to begin... it has been a crazy week, i have never been so tired in my life... i have been running on no energy.. monday we found out that we had a meeting for all the sisters in the mission for two days. so we had to call all of our appointments and cancel or reschedule them. it was a little hectic and we all wished that we didn´t have this conference because it interupted with our work but i learned a valuable lesson. we all have our schudeules and we do not want to drop them but when we drop them for an opportunity to hear messages from our leaders we are strengthened and the Lord blesses us to make up for the time.this conference was amazing. we heard from the president and his wife and i got to know the sisters better, you know me, i love making new friends and playing with them!!! hahah we had a great time and we all left uplifted and ready for more work. but also really tired because the two days we went to bed late and woke up early. the whole week and today i have been so tired i feel like i can never catch up on my sleep, 8 hours is not enough. this week we had a lot of teaching and found a lot of new people to teach. so i am excited for a new month to try set goals and acheive them. this month our mission almost accomplished our goal for baptisms..... we were short 8 people..... it was sad because 3 of our possiblities fell but it was for reasons that we needed to work on. but brandon and luiz arturio were baptized!!!! i was so excited... especially about brandon because he is 17 years old and we had a really amazing spiritual experience with him. he is aiming for a mission and so now we are going to work with him for that. but on sunday i almost cried when i saw him becasue he had a white shirt and tie.... i was thinking wow he looks like a missionary already. just one more year and he can go.... but he has a primo preparing for a mission right now so that is helping. but he just is a great kid and i really hope his life works out good. then fam rodriguiz we visited friday and it has been a week since we have seen them. we let our district leader lead the lesson and it was just what they needed. freddie was so much happier and he had a change of heart. but we just needed to be patient with them and let them take their time with the book of moromon. but they said that they missed us so much and they missed seeing us. so that is a good sign. i am so thankful to be here and to be having these moments and times of growth. to be here and learning more about myself and most importantly about Heavenly Father. to learn of His love for me and for my brothers and sisters here in guatemala.

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