Monday, April 2, 2012

bueno pues!!!!!

the conference talks were wonderful. they really touched my heart. we had two investigators go, juan and silvia. juan was there for all 5 sessions! we were so excited about that and silvia was only for the morning session... we need to follow up with her and ask her what she felt but also fam rodriguiz said they would watch it at their house on friday and i pray they did. i wanted to call them but he told us friday that he would rather wait until the next meeting with us to talk about it..... but honestly during the whole confference i thought hey this talk is for silvia o juan or other of our investigators. it was so cool just seeing how the lord has messages for all of us.. not just members in the church but also those investigating the church. being a missionary has really made me love conference so much more... has made me just have a greater love for the gospel and the blessing it is in our lives. on saturday when the last speaker was speaking i was thinking noooo i can not wait until sunday to hear more.... than on sunday the last session i thought i wish this would never end.... but then i realize the lord has given all these messages to help us in these following 6 months, yeah i wanna just listen but what will i learn if i do not go out and put it to practice? i loved what President Thomas S Monson said, that we are better people today than we were 2 days ago. i know that this life is to help us prepare to live with our Heavenly Father. that we are giving council from our prophet and apostles to help us learn and know how we can have eternal life. i loved hearing the messages and feeling the love of the Lord for me and for our investigators. now i got to put into practice what they said and help the wonerful people of Guatemala feel this in thier lives as well.

My District went to a Lagoon today. It was beautiful!

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