Monday, April 23, 2012

Testimony of Scriptures

we found a family Friday that is really positive!!! we are really excited, the husband had so many questions and felt the spirit. the challenge is getting them to church. they work so hard every day to provide for their family. they sell mangos so they gave us some yesterday and oh man they were good... i was thinking how when i go home i ll sure miss them so i am going to eat as much as i can!!!! but there is so much fruit here, its like paradise i love it! but this week was fun because we have been contacting like crazy and its fun seeing how my Spanish has gotten better and thinking how to teach people when they have doubts or questions. but one thing i know is always bear your testimony... so here we travel on a bus to Guitarra and this bus gets packed! also this past Friday there was one pastor on the bus preaching. it was interesting listening to him and thinking oh i wanna look up those scriptures, my comp is funning because she knows the Bible really well and understands Spanish better and she tells me how this other scripture would contradict what he said. she is really funny, she cracks me up. but we had great lessons with people where they had scriptures and we would have lessons with just scriptures. this really helped me think how blessed i am to have my comp and to be learning so much more about the scriptures. to not just use the same ones but always search for more, my testimony has grown about the Bible and the Book of Mormon, they really are semejante... umm.... together haha they support each other and help us be able to understand the doctrine of Jesus and Heavenly Father better. there are so many churches on the earth and they all have the bible but they have so many different doctrines. i love bearing my testimony to people about the Book of Mormon and the church. i think how if it wasn´t for my mission i probably would have never learned the importance of being a witness of Heavenly Father. i am so thankful i am here and thankful i am learning these things.

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