Monday, April 9, 2012

felicidades pascua

this past week was way different because of Easter and the way they celebrate it here. for three days we were in the capilla in our stake center reading the Book of Mormon.... our goal was to finish it in 3 days... yeah we only got to Mormon but my comp went ahead and read all of it. i can say that i understand more Spanish... its cool seeing my Spanish improve. such a huge blessing. we would enter the capilla at 9 in the morning and come back at 9 at night so i really did not see all that they did during this time for Easter. but wed night is the night when Judus betrayed Jesus so a group of people have a mannequin of Judus and they go to door to door asking for money. when you give them money they do a little dance for you. then on friday it was almost to get to the capilla because this is the day people close off the streets by parking their cars to block it and they decorate the streets with this material, i don´t know what it is called, but they call this alfombra. it reminds me a lot of sand paintings. i did not get a pic because when we left for the capilla the people in our street had not finished theirs yet. i saw only one that was finished and it was so pretty... a lot of colors! but it was fun trying to read throughthe whole Book of Mormon. And i got to make smores, brownies and cake! it was also good getting to know the zone better and making friends.

but one evening we headed to fam rodriguz to teach them, we teach them every Friday. but this lesson was so hard.... we have been meeting with them for 2 months, and they really have not been progressing... i know that it is our fault because we have not been following up on the commitments so we told them this week to read chapter 1 as a family and this month we will just keep having them read the Book of Mormon. but they did watch two sessions of general conference and the wife loved it.

the other hermanas in our ward baptized a family last month and this family wanted us to eat dinner at their house. they live in bendicion and it was a little late when we finally ate. but they are a family of 7 and they are so wonderful. i really enjoyed just talking to the hermano because he knows so much about the bible and it was just fun looking at scriptures with him. my comp is amazing with the bible i learn so much from her every time. but when we were with the family i was humbled because they do not have very much and yet they are so happy. they didn´t have light and we ate by candlelight. it was such a beautiful experience. i really enjoyed it... also it was so good to just see how he was so happy to be a member and to be learning so much more about the gospel. this is the reason why i cannot drop fam rodriguiz because i see freddie in some ways like hilgio dias and his 5 children. i know this can bless thier lives.... but that is all that is happening right now. the raining season will start to slowly come back and i am looking forward to it but at the same time no... hahha but i am loving every moment of my mission.

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