Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Preparation Day in Guatemala

this is my lastttttttt letterrrrr as a missionary---- i cannot believe it... it has gone by so fast... it really still has not hit me.... i keep thinkin i have so much to do, and it is true there is so much more to do. but today we visited some members in Reu and my heart felt so good, i felt content to see them and feel their love. but to hear them say "thank you for helping us feel the love of Heavenly Father and thank you for helping us"..... yesterday bishop said "thank you for everything" and we had a dinner with him and it was so good.... he is an amazing person and has touched my heart.... Guatemala will always be in my heart... i can never let it go.... the people here will always be in my heart and mind.... there is so much i learned here in Guatemala but from all of it the love of Heavenly Father for His children and my love for Him has grown. before i testified of Jesus Christ, but now i can testify with all my heart He lives and He died for our sins... i love it here and always will... i will live to the fullest in these 2 days here in serving the Lord.