Monday, April 16, 2012

The Rain is Coming Back

so the rain is coming back... happy but not. haha. i feel like i am in a greenhouse.... it rains and the heat is crazy! so yeah i am in a greenhouse right now.... but i took out my chinas and was ready to walk in the water again, but i know in a few months it will be getting a lot worse. my companion is enjoying it, she always says she gets tired when it rains and i tell her well you will be really tired for these next 6 months and especially in october. that's when it gets crazy!

so this past week we baptized jaun! i don´t know if you remember him but we have been working with him for about 2 months. he was going to be baptized last month but presidente told us to wait and we did. it is crazy to see a change in him. he is a different person and he is really funny. he is like a little kid and he says some pretty funny things that make us laugh. i felt bad though because none of his family wanted to come to his baptism. i know he was sad too. the bishop talked to him afterwards and said that the ward is his family now. but i just can´t help to think how the gospel is so true, it changes so many lives and helps people see their purpose. i love working with investigators, converts and less actives, they are all at different levels of growth but i love seeing how the Lord cares for all of them and wants to help them all have the gospel.... the mission is wonderful.... i am so thankful that i am here and thankful that i have this chance to meet so many people and learn from them.

i wanted to tell you about one family. hermana oniele. she is a convert and has 7 kids and is a single mother. she is the only one providing for all her children and they are really poor. but she is such a hard worker and is always helping others. every time we visit her i am uplifted and think to myself how strong her faith is. the talk during conference about single moms hit my heart because i thought of her. but one elder's brother in the states did a project for his boy scouts where he bought shoes and sent them here for the children because a lot of them do not have shoes and we took some to her kids... they were so happy and it touched my heart. she is such a wonderful person. one thing she told me is it is hard living at times and we have difficulties but we should not drop the church because that is where we get our strength to keep going. she is such a hard worker and she has health problems but she keeps going.

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