Monday, March 12, 2012

awesome week!

have you ever had a moment in your life where you your just so happy that you do not have words to describe just a prayer in your heart?.... well i feel like that a lot here in guate. i really am enjoying it here. last night was so beautiful.... there are so many trees here and its so beautiful it helps me remember how much Heavenly Father loves us, He made this earth for us and we are able at to look at it to be reminded how much he loves us. yesterday i really needed this. yesterday was a day filled with so many emotions. i think i experience all of them... our investigator brandon accepted baptism. it was so exciting and such a powerful experience. we read the introduction with him, and after we were done we asked him if he belived that Heavenly Father could answer prayers and he said yes. then we prayed afterwards and when we finished we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. he is 16 years old and i can see him serving a mission someday, he is a good kid and has such a good heart.

then afterwards we taught a familia rodriguiz.... this is where the heartache came.... my companion and i almost cried during this lesson but not tears of joy tears of sadness. this family is so amazing i love teaching them and really want to help them accept the gospel. but the dad freddie just does not believe in the book of mormon. last night he was a little augmentative and it was a little tough to teach the lesson. we tried to teach and talk with his children about what they felt when they read, and they accept it and feel the spirit. but freddie reasons that they do not know because they are young and have not read the bible. we did not want to disagree and just bore our testimonies and left... it was hard because i know that he is looking for the true gospel and this is it... he is just thinking, not feeling. i know that when he reads the book of mormon he will come to feel that it is true too. the things he says when we talk to him gives me hope. yes it was a hard lesson but i do not want to give up hope yet. so my companion and i were a little down last night....

but this week was so much fun. i really am enjoying living with 4 hermanas. it is so much fun, it's like living in dorms. also with four hermanas in the ward our ward has been getting more investigators and minus activios. it is great. it's fun talking to the other hermanas about thier investigators and see how it is going for them in their area. also i love the other hermanas in my district. i am always laughing with them and helping them with english. i feel at times like a mom for them all, and vise versa when i need help with spanish. it is so great... i think on how much i am growing here and how much my heart has grown for the people.

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  1. your doing awesome Hermana Willie, I'm so proud of you. What your doing truly is a blessing for the people of Guatemala. Work hard and pray always :)