Monday, March 5, 2012


okay so this week was mango week....this is the season for mongos here and i feel like i am in the garden of eden at times. lol. when i am hungry i just look around on the ground by a mango tree and find one that is good and just eat it. also people give us mangos when we teach them. the people here are so amazing. they are so kind. they are always willing to give us things like food when they themselves do not have much to give. also when they do not want the gospel they are still really nice to us. but back to the mangos. i am an expert now with eating them and they are so good here! i never liked them before because they are kinda stringy but it makes me keep up with my flossing hahah.

its so pretty here. saturday we explored more of guitarra and it is so beautiful... i really do enjoy it here in guatemala. it is the land of eternal spring. but i am dying of heat.... it gets so hot in the daytime and it is supposed to get worse... AH!!! hahha its okay i prayed for an area that didn´t have snow and i got it! also a place where i would learn spanish!!!

but this week... hum...oh my trio got split up... hermana gonzalez is going to las palmas with hermana serria and i am really sad about that. i cannot imagine going back to just two... but she is going home on the 28th of march, and i wanna see her off. but that was my sad news for the week. also the other news is that we are teaching families right now and i feel so blessed because they are really postive especially fam rodriguiz... i am so excited about them, i learn so much from them every time we teach them. then fam rossotto: his wife accepted baptism. the only problem is getting them to attend church... but they are reading the book of mormon together. we are excited about that. also this week we had a movie night in the guitarra... it was of the restoration. it was good. i think by the time i get home i'll have that video memorized. i love watching it because it helps me remember the life of joesph smith and how the Lord chooses prophets for us.

ps... ormigas... ants are everywhere and they attacked my feet last night... ormigas..... err...

this is a picture of the sunsets here taken from our front door

mangos!!!!! haha the small one we found while walking and the big one a guy gave to us while we were contacting him. he didn't accept our message but we got mangos hahah

this a picture, this are really common here.

this was the new area in guitarra!

there was a fire sunday and it was a block from our street. it was crazy.. so many people were running to see what was going on. it was kinda scary.

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