Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Weeekkk

hola!!! so yeah this week was a lot of fun!!! i really am loving my comps... being in a trio is a blast! i think they should do it for all companionships haha jk. but i learn so much from them everyday. i love being able to just talk with them and learn about thier lives. also we have more fun contacting and teaching.

this week we had a lot of good lessons. we are teaching 3 families right now, families rodrigus, flores and rossotto. so fun story: with the familia rodrigus we were contacting and he was sitting outside with his wife (freddie) and while i was talking to him he responded in english! i freaked out! i guess he lived in the states for 8 years and learned english. it was fun talking to him but we kept switching back to spanish but one cool thing i learned while talking to him was that my purpose right now is to serve spanish speaking. i tried to share my testimony in english but i didn´t feel the spirit and it felt weird. i then switched to spanish and i felt the spirit so strongly. i was like "oh. yep i need to only speak in spanish." it was a good lesson and he was more respective to have us teach. he likes to talk to me in spanglish. it's really funny. but he is an amazing person. he reads so much and he has so many questions about the gospel. he wants to know more about the book of mormon and why we are different. i am really excited for this family.


Ana's baptism, and my corte skirt that my companion had made for me

so i went to get a trim...i don't think they know the meaning of a trim...or i do not know how to say it right...even though my companion explained it...i was really hair is so short! i feel like i lost a piece of me. Even though i was really sad about my hair i said, "We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Can we come talk to you about Jesus Christ?" and i got her name and number.

this is a casarones. it is an egg that is filled with confetti and you crunch it on people's heads... yeah we had tons of fun with them... february is the only time they have them... it was lots of fun

this is my possy. hahha. jk but really these hermanas are amazing. i am always laughing with them. they help me so much with my spanish.

this was at a baptism in las palmas. it was a family that hermana gonzalez taught. it was fun because there was a wedding celebration too! i love latin culture it is very much like home.

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