Monday, February 13, 2012

New Area!!!

monday night at 10pm i learned that i had changes and i was leaving the area.... changes are not until 15th of this month so this was not expected.... so i had to hurry and pack and be ready to leave at 6 am wed, because right after our temple trip i was going to my new area. i was really sad when i found out and wanted to cry but my companion was already doing that so i knew that i had to be strong. i wanted to say bye to all the members and the people here but i was not able to. it was hard for me to just leave and not say anything to anyone especially my converts.

so after the temple we ate at wendys then i headed to reu to the mission office. when i got there we just sat at a table and they gave us our new companions. they had these changes early because the sisters from mexico came in a week early and my companion was training. so my new companion is hermana gonzalez, and she is from guate city! the capital. the Lord answers prayers because i really wanted a companion from here to learn more about the people. she is amazing. she was supposed to be ending this change but she decided to extend her mission so i am going to be her last companion. also i learned that i might be in a trio for this next change....

we are opening an area and this area had other sister missionaries in it already, we are just splitting it up because it is big. so right now there are four of us in a house and i feel like i am with roommates. it's a blast! one sister, hermana acosta from peru, is having changes though and the other sister, hermana mendieta from mexico, might stay with hermana gonzalez and i. so with our area there is reu and that is pretty much city. then there are the outer parts and xula. i really like it, it is about a 10 min drive in the tuktuk (it's a little motor thing made into a little taxi. they are pretty legit. i like them). but this area is jungle! like what i imagined when i first got my call to guate.

it's great, and my companion is amazing at contacting. one day we got 20 contacts, but the hard thing is going back and teaching them. so right now it's just the whole finding people. then at 6pm we return to reu area near our house and contact here. so we have been busy with walking around and getting to know our area. it has been fun. also my comp is getting a corte skirt made for me to help me remember that she was my first guate comp. she is really nice.

it's kinda cool seeing myself live in a house and country with just spanish speakers and i can get along fine.... also i am at the point where i am scared to talk english to people. haha when i am with the gringo misionaries i always switch to spanish, too. it is funny. i am really enjoying it here and i am thankful for this new experience. it was hectic but i am already learning a lot. i am looking forward to this change with my new companion. also she can dance salsa! how cool is that!!!! hahha we are planning on dancing for our exercising. lol.

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