Monday, February 20, 2012

The Guitarra

so right now i just have spanish spanish and spanish. i am in a trio and there are two new hermanas in our ward so in total there are 5 in our house: all latins and me. haha its pretty funny because they are all about 5'4" and then me who is taller than most of the guys here. i feel at times like i am a hen with all her little chicks and i am always watching out for them. it's fun teaching in a tri too. my comp that is from Mexico, Hermana Mendieta, is really funny. she is always saying funny things and the things i understand or have explained to me slower are really funny. the people love her here. she has been here for 2 changes so they know her pretty well, which is good becuase we just took over her investigators and gave the new sisters the city of Xula.

I was a little sad about not keeping Xula it becuase i really wanted to work there. but it's okay because we are working in another area that is really pretty, too. it's called the Guitarra. but what i love the most is always laughing with my companions. i forget at times how different our lives are. i love hearing thier stories and especailly Hermana Mendieta she is a convert and she was a Catholic, Jehovah Witness, and a Sabbitista before she came a member, she has like 4 different bibles, but i love hearing her story i am learning so much from her and Hermana Gonzales.

there is so much work to be done here and i am so thankful that i am here. we had a baptism sunday morning and we have other possiblities. right now we are working with a family, the Flores family. the husband is a minos activo and his wife and two sons are not members, there were so many things that lead us to this family. also we are teaching another family named Familia Chapeta. it was funny how we met him, he had a wheel barrel of wood and he looked really tired so we took it and pushed it to his house, i am sad to say that i have become weak and i was feeling it the next day. but he let us come into his house and eat with them. his wife at first did not wanna let us in but with time she softened and when we left they really wanted to hear more. they have a son and his name is Juan he is so cute. i love the kids here they are so close to the Lord. he is so excited to learn about the gospel and the parents were feeding off his energy. also we taught two kids, thier mom is a member, and it was a great lesson. it will be a lot of work with them but it was fun seeing how we teach with the three of us.

i really like it here and just learning from my comps also i can testify of how the spirit can change people's hearts. i have seen how some people are so hard at first but after 1 lesson they are changed and are more receptive. it reminds me of Ammon in the Book of Mormon when he is among the Lamanites and while teaching the king the king's heart was softened. i know that this work is the Lords and that this time is His. i am so excited for this change and for searching for people. it's hard and it is getting a lot hotter, but it is so worth it.

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