Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 16, 2012

this week we had a baptism for noemi!!! i was so happy. we visited her almost everyday and she told us everytime don´t worry i will get baptized i recieved my answer. she is amazing. i learn so much from her everytime i visit her. she has such a strong spirit and she knew that when we first knocked on her door we were representives of christ. sadly none of her family was at the bapstim... they said they would come but none showed... and we are teaching 2 of her kids right now and she told us they are not really positive. i feel bad for her because she knows the church is true and she wants her whole family to join, but right now they are not willing to accept. luckily she has the ward and a firm testimony.
oh yesterday we had our investigator, ingrid, and her husband come to church too! his name is milton and he is a less active member and he is so excited to come back to church! they have a son named alejandro and i have never met such a intelligent young boy before that wants to learn more about the gospel, he is always so exctied to see us and talk about what he read, he has great questions and the family is always learning from him. he is reading the book of mormon right now and he has his own little hymnal. it's so cute.
oh so one thing i really do not like here is the bugs! the ants are so AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. the other night i was writing in my journal and ants kept crawling on to my paper. at first i was like "urg they are so annoying," but after 3 mins i killed over like 30!! then i looked at the spine of my journal and they were coming out by the dozen!!!! i freaked and got our bug spray and sprayed my journal! i was so mad at them, because they were eating my memories!!!! i think i got them all because when i cheked it today there were not any crawling in it. but it was pretty funny when i think back on it now... but i still do not like them... they and mosquitoes are not fun.
still learning spanish, teaching, searching, walking, and having a wonderful experience in guatemala.

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