Sunday, January 22, 2012

December 5, 2011

this are rollie pollies here, the small bugs that go into a ball when you touch them, but they are like on steroids here!! they are so long, they love our house, we are always sweeping them up. if we skip a day we are always stepping on them and hear crunch crunch....

we drew pictures. the first one was a guatemala sunset and the other is a home sunset!!! i really like them especially the home one... oh this a skirt i bought at the poca!!! it has pockets i love it!!!

my comp and i woke up early to try and get the sunrise.... missed it but we are determined to get it , it is from the roof of our house :) its 3 stories high.

feliz navidad!!!! this is the Christmas tree in the stake center. it's really nice!!!

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