Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011
HAPPY HALLOWEEN... so they do not celebrate halloween here...i was really sad becuase i love it so much.... but its okay becuase we got to do an activity!
okay so today we went to.... ready.... A BANANA PLANTATION... i was so much fun. its crazy how they do everything, i will never eat a banana again without thinking about that wonderful experience and also i got to see the Mexico border. hahha it was coool...
so there is no more rain. it has been replaced with the sun..... so much sun... it is way hot and i am starting to get tan lines on my arms and my feet.... hahah it is funny. but i honestly think i would take the rain over the sun because at night i am so tired it is crazy how much energy the sun sucks from you...but summer has started here and that means this heat is what i'll have until april... i will die.... hahha jk but i m so thankful i get to wear skirts instead of pants all the time. poor elders.
i love being here where we are contacting so much in the blazing sun and trying to understand the people and the culture. i love seeing how the gospel is so universal in any language place and country. even with the language barrier i can testify that the spirit is the one that teaches and the one that makes the difference. i am so great for the gospel and the people i meet each day and going to bed every night so tired. its great and truly amazing.
Here are pictures from the banana plantation:

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