Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the Guatemala CCM

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
so yesterday was one of my favorite days! we got to leave the ccm and go out and contact in the streeets! at first i was way scared to go because i do not know the language and because i am scared of cities but the teacher told us this is why you are here. you are here to teach and bring people to Christ so i went out and felt like i had the armor of God and i was no longer scared. we got on the public bus (which is a school bus painted red!) and crammed into it, it was about 15 cents in American money to ride the bus and they drive pretty crazy here! i am happy we dont have to drive on our missions! but we got out and at first i did not wanna talk to anyone! but our latin (hrm batlia) companion (there were 3 of us and we are all about the same height so we surprised quiet a few people haha) made me and hrm broadbent talk. it was amazing that with what little we knew people were able to understand us, we handed out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon and talked to 9 ppl. we only had 2 hours but i wanted so much more time! one of the people we talked with was a guy named Armando. he at first did not seem like he wanted to talk to us but after we talked about the Book of Mormon his whole countenance changed and he wanted to keep talking to us! he kept asking where the church was located at but we didn't know so we took his name a number and gave him a Book of Mormon, i hope the misssionaries will call him. i love it here, i was on cloud nine the rest of the time and i can harldy wait to go out to the mission field! it was so much fun! i loved it, i really felt the Savior's love and just wanted to talk to everyone. i love being here and learning spanish, i love coming closer to my savior and learning so much about the gospel. in our fireside last night we learned that we need to be converted first before we can teach and that when we teach it is not us but the Spirit of God that is teaching. i am so thankful to be here and to be among the Guatemalen people. i can harldy wait until i can talk with them and let them know the love the Lord has for them.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
it is going so fast now! i can not believe i have already been out for 6 weeks now! last wed i got to go to the temple and i loved it! it is hard and the temple brings so much peace, i'm so happy we get to go and that it's only a 2 min walk from here, i can just see it out the window.
so today we went out on our 3 week trip, which was going to the relif map, central market and miraflores museum. the relif map was a map of the whole country it was huge and we had to go on a two story tower thing to see it, where my mission is it is all flat land, and i've heard it's going to be really hot. i also heard that we have one Mayan ruin in my area, hopefully i'll be able to visit while on my mission. there are also about 3 native tribes in my area so i might have to learn another language too, but its not all for sure. the central market was 2 stories of goods. it reminded me a lot of the flea market in some ways. i did not get anything because i could proabably get stuff in my area and know how to bargain better later on. it's fun trying to speak spanish even though i know we sound terrible!!! but it's the only way we learn. then after that we went to the museum and it was amazing! we got to see a lot of the Mayan art and life style. we also got to see a mound of earth that has a Mayan ruin under it. it was so much fun seeing it! i wish we could have seen the ones on the tvs!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
its crazy to think that we study the language all day and i still have so much to learn. but what would be the value of learning another langauge if only learned in 9 weeks? i love the teachers here they are so kind and they teach us so much, i am grateful for them. i also love my campanion she is so amazing, she is a history major and has so much to talk about i love listening to her. she is so bright and she makes me think about the gospel more in different ways. i love teaching with her and having campanionship study with her. she teaches me something new each day, and i hope i am doing the same for her. but one thing i do love about her is she knows how to have fun. everyone loves her and she just brightens our day.
so on Sunday we watched a movie called the journey of faith. it's a history documentry about the lehi and his familys journy in the wilderness. after seeing that it made me gain a greater appreciation for their journey, it was a hard one and when we read it in 1Nephi we do not think about the trial of it. it was traveling across a desert! i could never imagine doing that, but it shows me how much love they had for the Lord and his commandments. it makes me realize that my trails are not that hard at all.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
wow its already almost over! 5 more days until i go into the field! i am so scared and happy all in one! one of the sisters that is serving a mission next to me wrote to us and she told some intresting stories... i am a little scared. i'm terrified of bugs... yes i am.. and in my mission, there are going to be tons!!!! that's what she told us!!! i am so scared! they say there are fleas and spiders... did you read that? FLEAS!!! i do not know about this.. but i'm going there for the people... that's what got me through all the other horror stories ( i will not share them becuase there are too many for me to write right now). i need to have a positive attitude.
as i look back on my experience of the ccm i've come so much closer to my Heavenly Father and i am so thankful to have that opportunity, now i will be going out to the people of Guatemala and letting them know of our Heavnly Fathers love for them and the Savior's love! i am so excited!

Hermana Broadbent and I in the CCM in Mayan Clothing

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