Sunday, January 22, 2012

2nd Week in Coatepeque

September 12, 2011
so i can tell you i have learned offically how to make the typical breakfast food here: beans and eggs! haha we've had it twice this week and i love it! i can live on it for the rest of my life. haha well maybe just the 16 months left :)
so this week... one day feels like a week! there are so many things and emotions that occur in one day that it is hard to tell you about just one day! but today we woke up and i made breakfast and my companion hung out our clothes that we washed last night (when you are hand washing clothes it takes up a lot of time! so we try to wash them every night and hang them up and get them before the rain comes which is about 1 pm here).
then we went to meet up the elders to get play soccer and my comp and i were laughing so hard, she is amazing! we have only been together for a week but it feels like we've known each other forever, we are very similar and we are able to think the same things during our lessons. right now she teaches the most because she knows spanish and yeah i do not know very much, i can only really bear my testimony and teach like two princples and that is a struggle. when the people are talking i can catch most of what they are saying but when they talk about other things that do not pertain to the gospel i get lost! hahah it's frustrating at times and my companion is so patient and gives me pep talks its great! i love having this struggle! haha what makes me be able to stop being frustated is when i think about our investigators, we got 5 new ones this week and we are excited about that.
Hermana Peleaz and Hermana Willie

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