Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 8, 2012

WHAT 19 YEARS OLD FOR SISTERS!!!!! i was so shocked and was just so surprised how that was changed, but i was then brought to tears thinking of how the Lord needs all he can have doing His work.... to help His children hear his gospel and receive eternal life... it is such a blessing to be here and to be doing this maravilloso work. i know that the Church is true and that the gospel i teach every day is true.
so conference was so amazing... Saturday i listened in English and Sunday i listened in Spanish with our investigators... we planned on our family we are teaching to come but they didn't and i was a little sad but our lider de misional left with us to visit him and it was a great lesson. he was like yeah he will be baptized this month haha it was great because it helped our ward mission leader have a little more animo. also our bishop said he wanted to visit the family on Wednesday so we are working hard with this family and another famlia. i am so thankful to be here and to just learn so much from the people here.. they are amazing and so beautiful i love my ward and just being with the members...
so i loved all the talks during Conference, but the talk that i especially loved was by Elder Larry Echohawk i was crying so hard because i just thought about our people and how when i go home i want to dedicate my life to help them like Elder Echohawk... but then i thought how right now i am dedicating 1 year and a half to my brothers and sisters in Guatemala. i am so thankful that we have the Book of Mormon and to just be here to be doing the work of the Lord. and i am loving all the rain, heat, beans, tortillas and Spanish here in Guate.

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