Monday, November 19, 2012

Members and Missionary Work

lots of things happened this week. one of the members in our ward passed away, and we were helping a lot with that.... she has 4 daughters and the oldest is 21 and the youngest 14. it was so hard to see.... it really hurt, and i was crying with them. i cannot believe how much love i feel for the people at times. when i'm just sitting at my desk or at night i think about how much love i have for them and can see that every day it grows... it is such a beautiful feeling... i prayed so much for love and i'm feeling it.... i know that i still have so much to learn but i am soaking it in everyday.... 
we have new rules in the mission and one of them is that we cannot knock doors anymore, just reference and contact with the members. it was a shock for us, but it is good because i have seen results in the ward just with working with the members... they really have gotten to love the work and are willing to work with us. i really do love our bishop. he is always teasing me and asking me to stay another change and forget about BYU and studying. haha. he really is thankful for us. he says he will take us out to dinner with his family the next week. we have so much confidence with him. also there have been a lot of changes, and we are working in two areas. there are no elders so we are working in their area and ours. it is really big and at times i feel stressed, but i love the feeling of the calming Spirit of my Heavenly Father and the feeling to keep working. i'm working hard and i am so thankful for the work. i know that it will never be done, but i know the Lord always blesses us when we have faith in Him. i love everything about my area and seeing where the other part of my ward is, which is more in the mountains and it is so pretty.

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