Monday, November 12, 2012


this past week there was a earthquake and it was a big one, there are little ones here but this one was pretty big. luckily we were in the church and in a place where it is secure. afterwards we were just like "wow this is real." but i felt really safe and did not feel that scared. but it just made me think a lot about the Book of Mormon when Jesus came in 3 nefi and how there were earthquakes and storms and everything, just the little bit of what i felt made me think of how scary that was for them and made me think of how we are in the last days.. then i thought "wait i'm not ready for the 2nd coming i just have a few more weeks until i'm home!" haha jk but other than that we are working here... lots to do and i do not know where to start. i am the companion here with more time in the field and i feel terrible because we do not have baptisms right now and i'm thinking what to do.. we are working the members but i think we need to work a little harder with them because this whole week was contacting and that was not really successful. we just need to find another path to find new people... but other than that i just wanted to say i love my ward so much. i love working here with the people and seeing our converts progress. i know that this work is true and that the Lord sends us to people that are waiting to hear His words. that we are angels in His work and that He has so much planned for all His children.

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