Monday, June 4, 2012

fun times in the mish

saturday we had a baptism!  it was otto saul martinez ....hahah he is a great person. he really falls well with us. he is so happy about his baptism and his girlfriend is helping him adjust to the church. but funny story so latins are a little touchy like they express a lot of love with hugs and he did not know the rules and kept trying to give us a hug we were like ah.... no... haha so after his baptism when he wanted to take a picture we explained the rules and he was like why didn´t you tell me that earlier! we were like well we were too shy to tell you. hahha he was like okay i understand but he gave us earrings.  he is a really good person. it was fun teaching him because he loves everything about the church. now we just need to work with him serving a mission since he is 22!!!!  only two months older than me. also brandon, our other baptism wants to do to the temple so are working with him. he is a good kid. my comp tells him he is like my son because i always think how we can help him. but righit now we are working a lot with the members and we are trying to help them have more confidence with us. there is so much work to be done and at times i feel overwhelmed. then i think how i just have one little area to watch over and i wonder how president monson feels.... he has the whole world!!  hahha but i feel like the ward members are starting to work with us more. also we make things and give it to them. 
so none of our families went to church yesterday. we are a little disheartened about that. we are working on trying to get them to go to church. luckily, i am learning the importance of reading the scriptures when i feel down. my comp and i  always push each other. she is great. i am so thankful that we are working together. i feel like i have grown so much and have seen my talents more, and we always talk about the gospel and our investigators. 
oh funny story last night we were contacing a woman and she was not friendly at all but i kept joking around with her and making her laugh. she kept telling us no and i asked can we just sing a hymn and say one prayer and she said oh well i don´t have the keys to open the door, i joked a little bit and just touched the door and it opened! haha it was funny she was a little astonished and i was like hey look un milagro!  she was like yeah then i said well the door is not locked can we have your premission to enter then she stopped smiling and said no. oh okay but another time she said yes. so we gave our good byes and left. my comp and i were laughing and she was like willie your crazy and i was like i just touched the hatch part and it opened! i thought it was locked!!!!  haha moral of the story don´t lie about your door being locked to missionaries, well hermana willie because she will open it. haha. jk but it was funny. it helped us have a little more animo... haha i don´t know what that word is in english. but we always look for moments of happiness and the truth is it is not hard with hermana estrada she is a hard worker and always keeps me going. 

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  1. your doing awesome Hermana Willie, keep up the good work!