Monday, May 28, 2012

Amazing Week!

okay this week was so amazing.... this week i have seen the blessings of our work. i feel like i am a successful missionary and i feel like i am living up to my expectations; like i have been training all these 11 months but right now is the final race, well i know i have six more months but i feel like all the things i have been learning are showing more now. i have seen myself grow so much and i know that it is because Heavenly Father was shaping me during this time. every time i teach or find a new person i thank Him in prayer because i know it is because of my Heavenly Father that i am here and that we are finding His children that are ready. the field is white and already to harvest. i feel like we are finding more people and growing with them. 
well where do i start... we have familia morales - it is a husband and wife with 2 kids... i love this family with all my heart.... they are amazing. they have so much respect for each other and they are such good people. but they are reading the book of mormon and are progressing and we have a meta to baptism this month. we had family home evening with them last night at the house of the bishop and he is so good with them. also they are so happy to see us every time. then we have saul.. he is the old investigator and ahhh yesterday was crazy!!!! we taught him and made him ready for his baptism for saturday. he is such a good man. he is 20 and his girlfriend is a member. first we told him to investigate the church for his soul, not because of her, but he has been doing his part and really wants to be baptized. but one culture thing i learned here. a boy cannot be a girl's boyfriend until he asks the father to be her bf.... so he had to tell her parents that he was her bf before his baptism... he did sunday after we taught him.... it was intense!!! i felt like i was in judge judy... we were about ready to leave but the mom invited us to stay and we were like no it's okay it's your guys' thing and they said please stay! hahah we were like okay we can just listen.... yeah it was intense... but it's amazing when you start with a prayer and end with a prayer.... hahha but learned something new... hahha 
yesterday we visited a youth and his mom was there and we started to teach his younger brother who is 13 years old. this boy is crazy; he knows the bible like the back of his hand! he is really interested in the church, and his mom and brother are members so we challenged him to be baptized on the 16th of June. 
so this month has been great. my comp and i are searching and searching. but trying to help the ward at the same time. we are working on fellowshipping them. we got two of the "hard ones" to smile and invite us to visit more often. it was fun! hahha but i am really loving my time here. i love bearing my testiomony and learning more about the gospel. 

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