Friday, June 29, 2012

June 25, 2012

so i have one more change in reu with hermana estrada! i am really excited to be here one more change and to work with family rodriguiz it is so fun seeing him with all his books for church and he asks which lesson they are in and which he needs to study. i know that people are preapared and that when their time is right they will be baptized. one hermana that is new in our zone was in my old area and she told me about my converts and about people that we started to teach and how they were baptized, i love thinking that it is all the timing of the Lord but i just need to listen to the spirit to help His children recieve this wonderful gospel. we also had a joven come to church sunday we taught him and challenged him to be baptized 14 of july, his name is jose luiz. he is 22 years old but it was such a wonderful experience to teach him and see how the Lord prepares his children. 
oh so in our house there is new sister that is from idaho and she was in coatepeque with me. she is really funny but its weird having someone in the house that speaks english, she talks to me english but i talk to her in spanish. i have notice in this 5 days my spanish is much worse because i accidentally say words in english so i told her to help her with her spanish i will only talk in spanish with her. to tell the truth i feel more comforatble in spanish and it is more polite becuase my comp and hers only speak spanish. but its fun being in our district. a lot more untiy and we are all working hard. we are working hard this month as a zone. i love how the zone leaders taught us about unity and i feel like as a zone we are all working hard for that. 
oh so this p day we went on a three mile hike. my comp didnt like it but i really enjoyed it. i was so tired afterwards but i loved and thought how i missed this feeling. it was great, i live in such a beautiful place here and we got to climb up a half built bridge, a hill where there was ruins underneath, see a dirty river and walk through a plantation of sugar cane. i loved it. but i think i got a little burned but it was fun.

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