Friday, October 12, 2012

September 10, 2012

so this is going to be short letter, but this week was great with hermana acosta. this week we had 2 baptisms and it was great because we had it with 3 other wards and it was just really nice. lots of people. we are working right now family joj and they are having difficulties so we are thinking how we can help them... its a little hard working with them because when they fall it's hard not to feel the pain.. i am really thankful for them and the opportunity to be working with them. i always think how does Heavenly Father feel when his children make the choices that cannot help them return to him? but i know that He is always helping us to help them come closer to Him; to have hope and to feel that they are not forgotten or alone. i am really thankful that i have my comp. she is teaching me so much and i love how we have the same thoughts. it shows that we are both listening to the Holy Ghost. i am so thankful to be here and we are working hard to help this family and a youth and a another family receive the gospel. the challenge is reading the book of mormon and going to church, but gotta keep working hard... well i have changes this week and i am a little scared but i know it will be all fine because i can learn more and progress. but i am a little sad because the time with heramana acosta went so fast.... but that's how life is :) 

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